2019 World Pork Expo - June 5-7 - Iowa State Fairgrounds

World Pork Expo Swine Shows

National Swine Registry is proud to host two of the world’s most prestigious swine shows during World Pork Expo.

Swine Shows

Junior National

Presented by the National Junior Swine Association and Team Purebred, more than 1,000 exhibitors 21 years of age or younger representing over 30 states participate in the WPX Junior National each year. The WPX Junior National also facilitates youth events, including a skillathon, swine judging contest and certification programs.

Open Show and Sale

Exhibitors of all ages from across the U.S. participate in the WPX Open Show each year.

Swine Show Entries

The WPX junior and open swine shows are managed by the National Swine Registry and Team Purebred. All entries must be made at the National Swine Registry website. Please contact the National Swine Registry with all questions regarding entries or the swine show.

Questions & Additional Information

Please contact the National Swine Registry with all questions or for more information regarding the World Pork Expo swine shows:

National Swine Registry
2639 Yeager Road
West Lafayette, IN 47906
Office: 765.463.3594
Fax: 765.497.2959
[email protected]


The National Pork Producers Council and World Pork Expo are committed to preventing disease by maintaining strict biosecurity protocols, ensuring stringent health requirements are in place for all shows and sales, and disinfecting barns and pens before the pigs arrive and immediately after events.

However, with around 3,800 hogs taking up residence at the Iowa State Fairgrounds during the shows, we’ll need your assistance to keep health a top priority. We’re asking all attendees to observe sound biosecurity practices, including wearing clean clothing and shoes that have not been inside a pork-production facility. Your commitment to animal well-being is greatly appreciated.